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Greeks Go BYO

11. November 2004 • Murph
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The Michigan Daily reports that the IFC and Panhel will be voting by Dec 1 on a new social policy that would require all guests to Greek parties to bring their own alcohol and check it at an alcohol depot within the house.

All alcohol brought into parties could be checked at a depot inside the fraternity, where it would be held for the partygoer. Since the fraternity member is storing, not serving alcohol, they are not liable for an overly intoxicated person, said the members of the executive boards of IFC and Panhel.

Currently, the insurance company for all fraternities says that houses must have partygoers bring their own alcohol, but this provision has not been followed. The proposed policy aims to align party actions with the insurance company’s rules.

The amount of alcohol allowed in the houses would be primarily based on how much a person can consume, effectively setting a limit of a 12-pack of beer or a single pint of 80-proof alcohol per person.

For safety reasons, only plastic bottles would be allowed. Drinks would be checked at the door and marked with a sticker, which would verify that alcohol is brought in from outside.

The policy would also set size limits on parties, and define the number of Social Responsibility Committee monitors required for each size.

Meanwhile, the Daily editorial staff has decried the investigation of hazing in the Greek system, suggesting that the University has not successfully shown cause for an investigation.

  1. Am I reading it wrong, or does the proposed policy imply that it’s okay for one person to consume twelve beers/a pint of liquor over the course of an evening? Not to endorse binge drinking, of course.
       —Jeff    Nov. 11 '04 - 08:44PM    #
  2. That is what they seem to be saying…
       —Murph    Nov. 11 '04 - 11:52PM    #