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White Ribbon Campaign seeking volunteers

17. November 2004 • Murph
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“are you a man?” begins the e-mail:

Men Against Violence Against Women needs men of good conscience to help us with our annual White Ribbon Campaign by passing out our white ribbons on the DIAG during the first week of December, as a message to men all over campus that men’s violence against women must end now.

We are asking men to give as much or as little time as they have to hand out these ribbons. We will be on the DIAG 9am-5pm from Mon. Nov 29 thru Friday Dec. 3. you can sign up for one-hour shifts by responding to this email (

My jacket still has a white ribbon on it from about four years ago—be aware that a limited number of ribbon colors exists in the world, and you may be thanked for supporting the fight against breast cancer due to color overloading.