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19. November 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 11:22:29 -0500
From: Jesse Knight
To: SGCandidates04 at

Good Morning Candidates,

Thank you all for a very well run campaign. I heard only a few complaints here and there, but nothing major or particularly offensive. I received several complaints about spamming, but nothing was done in an way that might warrent removal from the election. I will send a follow up email shortly with some of the complaints and ways that we might rectify this in the future.

The voting concluded on time at 11:59 Thursday, and while the website is still accessible, no more votes will be counted. Listed below are the official vote tallies. Some notible write-ins included John Kerry, George Bush, Braylon Edwards, and myself :)

In any case, here are the votes. If you have any questions or concern please feel free to let me know. There were 13 andidates, 10 of you have won a seat on LSA-SG, and I encourage the rest of you to become involved in some other fashion…there are many ways to be envolved. The persons with the highest weighted votes won, regardless of the raw number of votes that
the candidate may have recieved.

Thanks again, and do let me know if you have any questions.
I will have one more follow up email later tonight.


Ballot Question:—- LSA-SG Valid Ballot Questions Report—-

International relations (IR) is an academic and public policy field,
dealing with the foreign policy of states within the international system, including the roles of international organizations, non-governmental organizations(NGOs), and multinational corporations(MNCs).

If an interdisciplinary International Relations concentration or minor were offered, which would you select:

answer_text num_votes

Concentration 440
Minor 417
Neither 389
—- LSA Valid Votes Report (does not include Exception Votes)—-

school_name race_title cand_name num_votes weighted_votes
LSA-SG LSA-SG Representative Meredith Brooks 837 5854
LSA-SG LSA-SG Representative Katie Grossman 826 5764
LSA-SG LSA-SG Representative Joanna Slott 767 4938
LSA-SG LSA-SG Representative Michael Rudy 738 4912
LSA-SG LSA-SG Representative Will Foss 737 4564
LSA-SG LSA-SG Representative Franchesca Gayadan 696 4016
LSA-SG LSA-SG Representative Katherine Musbach 693 3943
LSA-SG LSA-SG Representative Vik Sood 664 3932
LSA-SG LSA-SG Representative Jessica Whang 644 3713
LSA-SG LSA-SG Representative Hend Khatib 649 3631
LSA-SG LSA-SG Representative Jessica Sapick 461 3324
LSA-SG LSA-SG Representative Irene Pak 458 3287
LSA-SG LSA-SG Representative Matthew Smith 290 1913

  1. This is all fine and dandy, but where can I find the Rackham SG results?
       —Brandon    Nov. 19 '04 - 06:22PM    #