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Daily chastises MSA over election results

1. December 2004 • Murph
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The Michigan Daily today has a front page article noting that, over a week after the Michigan Student Assembly’s official election results were determined, MSA has yet to make any attempt at publicly disseminating those results.

The Daily has posted the results on their own website, and also presents some choice quotes from MSA:

MSA Vice President Anita Leung, an Engineering senior, said, “It never occurred to us to put it on the website.”

MSA Rules and Elections Committee Chair Russ Garber, an LSA junior, said no one would read the results even if they had been posted on the website.

Rackham student Darren Easton, an MSA representative, said the assembly should publish a list of successful candidates in some fashion, but added that the Daily should publish the results. “I’m kind of a neophyte to all this electronic stuff — I’m a paper and pencil kind of guy,” he said.

For the past several years MSA had counted on student “blog” websites to publish results, said former MSA Vice President Jenny Nathan, an LSA senior.

Goodspeed Update the official mouthpiece of MSA? Apparently so.

This site had posted the unofficial results of the MSA election and LSA-SG election as they were e-mailed to candidates; the results of the Rackham Student Government elections are on RSG’s website.

  1. They are right, nobody really cares. Nobody goes to the MSA website.

    I think MSA should put a hit counter on their website just to prove that.
       —T.J.    Dec. 1 '04 - 02:26PM    #
  2. I think it is despicable that the student government’s tone is “nobody cares anyway.”

    MSA has to break the cycle and sustain over a period of time with no reward to get the respect it wants – if it does things right for a while, momentum can build.

    Giving up just adds to the problem.
       —r02    Dec. 1 '04 - 03:25PM    #
  3. I was one of the founders of a party that wanted to change that.

    We lost.

    MSA is what it is because that’s what students want. It’s not going to change. Defeatist? No. Realist.
       —T.J.    Dec. 1 '04 - 11:38PM    #
  4. what party was that, T.J.?
       —r02    Dec. 2 '04 - 07:31PM    #
  5. Look, the people who have been elected already know. Who else needs to?
       —js    Dec. 3 '04 - 11:36AM    #
  6. When we need to know, they’ll tell us?
       —Murph    Dec. 3 '04 - 03:40PM    #
  7. I think it’s funny that the VP quit because she has “too much work,” as if an LSA major at UM has a significant workload, especially in her senior year.

    But even funnier is that workload would keep her from being VP of an organization that does nothing. You want to talk workload? Find a Kines senior taking that friggin anatomy class or an engineer working on his or her senior design project…that kind of person cannot even afford the 2-3 hours a useless MSA meeting takes up.

    In other words, she got her resume padded, she has what she wants, and now she can move on. Or moveon, as the case may be.
       —T.J.    Dec. 4 '04 - 09:34PM    #
  8. Oh TJ, you’re precious.
       —MWH    Dec. 5 '04 - 01:56AM    #
  9. Please don’t feed the troll.
       —M    Dec. 5 '04 - 03:40AM    #
  10. A party that has been running for MSA for probably a decade now has always talked about “MSA can be more than just ice machines in dorms.”

    The funny thing is, they have been running for MSA for a decade under that same party name, and they have been spouting that same line about ice machines, yet it never occurred to anyone to just spend the $50-60k it would cost to just put ice machines in the damned dorms.

    Hell, slap a big MSA logo on each machine…that was every incoming freshman at the University knows that MSA did something for them. If nothing else, at least they could have ice in their water at 2am without having to walk all the way to the other side of the building.

    There were HUGE fights a couple years back about whether or not we should fund the newspaper readership program. What MSA spent was almost NOTHING, it cost less than it would cost a student to buy a newspaper for an entire week to fund the program for a year, and they had to fight about it. Meanwhile, they spend $10k to send people of one particular political viewpoint to DC to make fools of the school, or several thousand to have a terrorist come and spew hate speech and threaten to kill Jews.

    MSA is ridiculous.
       —T.J.    Dec. 5 '04 - 04:40AM    #
  11. i hope that when i’m nearly thirty like t.j., that i will still be immature enough to hold grudges against the college make-believe government…

    t.j., let go…i know its hard, but you got to spread your wings and fly…

    -a fatherlly ari p.
       —Ari P.    Dec. 5 '04 - 03:05PM    #
  12. I don’t hold grudges, especially not about this crap. And when Janelle is done and gone and I don’t have to see that crap on the walls when I go to pick her up, I will be gone too.

    I really don’t care, MSA is useless. Just don’t bother with the whole”but we can change it,” because you can’t. Nobody wants it to change.
       —T.J.    Dec. 5 '04 - 03:37PM    #
  13. wankers.
       —Brad    May. 26 '05 - 12:42PM    #
  14. yeah, wankers. all wankers.
       —kbuk    May. 26 '05 - 02:14PM    #