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U Towers Trash Bandit Caught, Wanted to Be Famous

14. December 2004 • Ari Paul
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Here’s the Ann Arbor News’ follow up to the AU’s coverage of trash raining from U Towers.

A University of Michigan student who told police he wanted to be famous broke out his bedroom window Monday morning in a high-rise apartment building and began hurling his belongings 12 stories to the street, Ann Arbor Police said.

As Officer Craig Devoogd approached the intersection of South University and South Forest avenues around 9:50 a.m., a large wooden dresser came crashing into the street, police said. A 5-foot-tall fan followed, both smashing into pieces.

Devoogd blocked the street as more belongings rained onto it and the sidewalk, Lt. Michael Logghe said. A desk, books, compact discs, pillows, computer equipment and personal items such as photographs and a genetics exam littered the street and sidewalk.

  1. This story is just more evidence that tall buildings are a dire threat to the smalltown European charms of Ann Arbor.
       —Brandon    Dec. 15 '04 - 11:44AM    #