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Marines will stay close to home for urban training - Unit to use downtown Toledo

7. January 2005 • MarkDilley
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via The Toledo Blade

“The Marines will take over parts of downtown Toledo as sounds of gunfire will echo off buildings when training exercises are conducted next weekend.

A Marine Corps unit based in Perrysburg will stage the exercises from 9 p.m. Jan. 7 to about noon Jan. 9, Maj. Gregory Cramer said.”

  1. “Suburban Ohioans who, for whatever bizarre reason, feel a need to enter Toledo during this time (or ever) have been advised to wear red armbands to avoid lamentable accidents.”

    I’m glad I’m kidding, but it’s scary that you’re not. “Training accident” is not an unusual reason for casualties, and I’d prefer that there be zero chance for civilians to be involved in those. Don’t they have soundstages somewhere that they can do this on? After all, if they can fake a moon landing, they ought to be able to simulate urban warfare.
       —Murph    Jan. 8 '05 - 03:04PM    #