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University Deploys Spam Block-list

14. January 2005 • Scott Trudeau
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The U-M has deployed an opt-in spam block list for folks with University email accounts.

ITCS has purchased access to published lists of IP addresses of known spammers, open relays, and open proxies from the Mail Abuse Prevention Service (MAPS). Users who choose to do so will be able to block mail originating from the IP addresses on these lists for their own e-mail address and for the addresses of directory groups that they own.

> U-M SpamBusters
> Using the Do Not Spam List to Reduce Spam

The previous anti-spam plan to deploy dspam has been unfortunately aborted due to scaling issues.

  1. Actually, dspam been rehabilitated. The commercial anti-spam solution was dropped because the vendor came back with a price that was too high. The anti-spam group should be announcing the availability of dspam fairly soon.
       —Andrew    Jan. 17 '05 - 08:27PM    #
  2. Awesome. What I really want is Sieve. (It doesn’t seem to work for me—I’m assuming this is because I wasn’t in the dspam pilot).
       —Scott T.    Jan. 21 '05 - 05:02PM    #