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AATA upgrades campus oriented routes

13. January 2005 • Murph
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AATA has announced route changes to take effect 23 January that will increase service to and from the campus area. A new route, 9U, will connect Central Campus to the Maple Village area, and several routes connecting Central Campus to the Medical and North Campuses, to park-and-ride lots, and to Ypsilanti will be given more direct routes, more frequent service, and, in some cases, earlier morning routes and later evening routes.

Read the details at AATA’s website and view the new maps and schedules online or on the new RideGuides available on-board the buses.

  1. Curses! Neither route that I ride (15 Scio Church in to town, 8 Pauline out of town) had service hours added.

    The new route, 9U Jackson University (Huron, Jackson, Maple, Dexter, Huron) would’ve been GREAT when I used to live on Dexter Rd., though.

    The 12UL might be worth the walk to Pauline (a little over half a mile), since it stops closer to campus rather than the 15, which stops at Blake.
       —Scott T.    Jan. 13 '05 - 02:26PM    #