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18. January 2005 • MarkDilley
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january event announcement

the new year is here and so is our first event for 2005. clear your calendar and be sure to join us on thursday, january 20 at 8:30pm.

as always, we will reveal all of the details a day or so before the event by email and website.

  1. Buddha Lounge
    21633 W. Eight Mile Rd.
    Detroit, MI
    Thursday, January 20th @ 8:30 pm

    Don’t let the bitter cold keep you inside all winter. Instead, come join us Thursday night for an evening of fun at the Buddha Lounge for our first event of the year!

    There will be drink specials including $3 Skyy Vodka and Bacardi drinks. Or if you’re up for something completely different, try a sake bomb.

    Low key and very high on cool, the Buddha offers something that seems to have been bypassed in burgeoning nightlife spots over the years: a nice, quiet place to have a drink and chill. And, yet, it’s so much more than that. The lit paper globes and tea lights makes for the most charming ambience around; the private, personal booths offset the main bar area; and the Chill Room, which kind of speaks for itself, seems to be fashioned after an opium den.

    The Buddha Lounge is located in, of all places, a strip mall along W. Eight Mile, just east of Lahser Rd. It’s a little tricky to find its location, but, and this is for better or for worse, one easy landmark to remember is that it’s right next door to the gaudy lights of Trumpp’s, one of Detroit’s more popular, ahem, gentleman’s clubs.

    Parking is available in front of and behind the lounge.
       —Mark    Jan. 19 '05 - 02:49PM    #