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Brother, Can You Spare $2 Million?

1. February 2005 • Scott Trudeau
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The City of Ann Arbor, like most cities in the country, faces a serious budget problem in the coming year. To help tighten up the bottom line, the City went to the DDA (that’s Downtown Development Authority to the acronym-impaired) asking for $2 million to help cover its $3-4 million projected shortfall.

Numerous solutions to the crisis have been floated including a city-wide income tax or significant reductions in city services. To help “educate” the hoi polloi before the big budget battle begins, Councilmember Leigh “Ban the Porch Couches” Greden (D – 3rd Ward) sent a lengthy and detailed email to his constituents outlining the city’s budget; a helpful reference for when the City must choose between controversial solutions to its tight budget.

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