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SE Michigan ordered to reduce auto pollution

6. April 2005 • Murph
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Under a 2004 ruling by the EPA, southeastern Michigan has been required to take action by next year to reduce air pollution produced by automobiles. SEMCOG managed to win an exemption from mandatory vehicle emissions testing, and instead is planning to require gasoline sold in the area to have a lower vapor pressure, making it burn more cleanly. This measure is expected to cost the typical area driver $2-$14 extra per year. Diesel fuel is not included.

SEMCOG’s complete draft plan (pdf) (dated next week?) is available on their website, including an analysis of the cost and effectiveness of various options.

  1. if you could send me any info. on auto pollution by sunday night that would be great.
       —april    Apr. 28 '05 - 06:09PM    #
  2. Hehehehe, ADD and mild dyslexia are a fun combination…

    I was just looking at the “New Comments” thingie, and the two newest comments kinda mixed in my head to read:

    “Justice Scalia ordered to sodomize wife”
       —T.J.    Apr. 28 '05 - 07:37PM    #
  3. April, what kind of information are you looking for? Your request could be answered at book-length . . .
       —Murph    Apr. 28 '05 - 10:19PM    #