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Ghost Bikes

18. June 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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A group of bicyclists in Pittsburgh fed up with what they percieved as a city “with an uninviting transportation infrastructure, a government reluctant to accommodate their needs, and a set of laws that leans toward the rights of motorists and ignores unprotected bicyclists,” have decided to take matters into their own hands, chaining white “ghost bikes” near the locations where bicyclists have been killed in recent years.

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> “Ghost Bikes’ are grim reminders”

  1. Nice post. A great book to read, an autobiography, is the “The Immortal Class.” It’s a quick and graphic read about a bike messenger’s lifestyle in Chicago and the Critical Mass movement there. He does a great job tying it into the themes of American auto-oriented urban & transportation planning.
       —Kumar    Jun. 18 '04 - 05:35PM    #
  2. Has anyone actually seen the infrastructure in Pittsburgh?

    Granted, it’s hard to put roads in such a mountainous area, but the roads in Pittsburgh are HORRIBLE.

    Have you ever seen a traffic jam at 2am on a Tuesday? That’s a common occurrence in Pittsburgh.
       —T.J.    Jun. 18 '04 - 05:51PM    #