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B-School Tree Huggers Defend 300 Year-Old Oak

24. April 2005 • Scott Trudeau
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The now flush U-M Business School may decide to remove a 300 year old oak tree to make room for new construction. Self-proclaimed B-School tree huggers are organizing opposition.

Bosma said [...] “I really am saddened by how many trees and green space we’ve lost on campus in the past 10 years. We’re all busy and all trying to do way too much. This is just an issue that’s overlooked, forgotten. ... If we let that happen over and over, we are going to look like Southfield.”

> Ann Arbor News: Oak may not fit into plans

  1. The current business school was designed around that tree—Surely these archictects can do something creative to save it.

    I’m also amazed that the school’s current facilities are that “outdated” that they need to demolish all the buildings and start anew—can’t they be retrofitted/added on to? It just sounds wasteful.
       —Brandon    Apr. 24 '05 - 08:43PM    #
  2. Brandon, it’s only wasteful if you didn’t just receive a $100 million grant. They’re rich; they gotta look it! :)
       —Scott    Apr. 24 '05 - 08:53PM    #
  3. of all the departments that didn’t need additional funding…
       —Joy    Apr. 24 '05 - 09:43PM    #
  4. Brandon- The current facilities are unresponsive to extant gilding technologies.
    (How was your party? The weather was too shitty for me…)
       —js    Apr. 25 '05 - 07:12AM    #
  5. Hey JS, turnout was not bad considering that the weather sucked. It was full, but not crowded. We’ll do it again when things warm up.
       —Brandon    Apr. 25 '05 - 08:27PM    #
  6. I think pigs are flying…

    They better not tear down that tree. That’s disgusting. The damned thing has been around for hundreds of years.

    Tear down Dominicks. Tear down East Quad. Tear down frat and sorostitute houses.

    But a 300 year old tree deserves a little fucking respect.
       —T.J.    Apr. 26 '05 - 04:18AM    #
  7. T.J.——sexist, yet environmentalist.
       —David Boyle    Apr. 26 '05 - 03:16PM    #
  8. An architect who is presented with that kind of budget and can’t see fit to work around that kind of tree needs to be fired. And then keelhauled.
       —Murph    Apr. 26 '05 - 03:31PM    #
  9. Sexist?
       —T.J.    Apr. 26 '05 - 05:03PM    #
  10. Tear down Dominick’s!?!?

    That is blasphemy.
       —Hey!    Apr. 26 '05 - 06:18PM    #
  11. “Sorostitute” is sexist unless you say “Fratstitute” or at least “Fratopimp” too.
       —David Boyle    Apr. 26 '05 - 08:25PM    #
  12. Boyle,

    Sorostitute is in no way sexist. They are drunk, desperate, chubby heffers who pay money to join a social group that will give them an instant set of “friends.” Once these friends are bought and paid for, along with the requisite black ass pants, sorority hoodie, northface jacket and $200 handbag, they proceed to parties at dirty, urine-smelling frat houses, where their male equivalents pay to use these whores’ vaginas with beer (and GHB if needed).

    I dislike them both equally.

    And I knew a guy who was the president of the Hellenic Students Association who constantly had to correct people when they thought he meant “PanHel”.

    Fraternities and Sororities should only allow people of Greek origin to join.

    I mean, UM throws a fit about Michigamua because they are a private social group that practices a fake Native American ritual. But these shitstains are private social groups that practice a fake Greek way of life.

    Gamua has their headresses and fake Indian names. Frats have toga parties and Greek letters.

    Where’s the outrage?
       —T.J.    Apr. 27 '05 - 02:54AM    #
  13. t.j. and d-bo,
    i understand the sentiment about the sexism, though to be fair to teej, i think he was displaying equal frustration with the greek scene (all sexes, genders, and all in between)...

    hey, tj, that’s a good one about how only greeks should be in frats…reminds me of a story from freshman year:

    “Doorguy at Frat: You have to be Greek to get in.
    Ari: I’m greek.
    Doorguy: Yeah, what frat.
    Ari: No. Like from Greece dummy.
    Doorguy: So, you’re not in a frat.
    Ari: No.
    Doorguy: So get the fuck out.”

    i’m not actuallly from greece, but i thought the incident could be an oppertunity for samantic humor nonetheseless…

    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Apr. 27 '05 - 02:05PM    #
  14. ” drunk, desperate, chubby heffers” is not necessarily true, especially about the “heffers” [sic] part, which labels so-gals as animals—always bad.
    Have you ever been to Hatcher Graduate Library? Plenty of sorority women/girls parade themselves on the second floor, if I may say, but they are hardly chubby, if I may also say—-anorexic could be a better description in lots of cases. I hear it’s hard for chubbies to join a lot of sororities, actually.

    If they get GHB’d, they deserve more pity than contempt, of course.

    I agree with Ari about your “Greek societies for ethnic Greeks only” joke, that was good. In fact, I had thought of that myself previously, and may write skit or short story about it.

    Sorry Ari that you got abused, though you should maybe not pass yourself as ethnic group you are not (heh).

    By the way: Happy Passover to all ! Chag Sameach !!!
       —David Boyle    Apr. 27 '05 - 04:53PM    #
  15. whatever man, ari is a greek name, too…

    playing the game,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Apr. 27 '05 - 05:04PM    #
  16. Ari,

    Yeah, I read that in your column a couple years ago.

    Yes, I read your column. I probably read all of them. Come to think of it, you would probably like the stuff I wrote in the Review. I doubt anyone ever read it though.
       —T.J.    Apr. 28 '05 - 02:13AM    #
  17. Livshiz,

    Download and use firefox and install the spellbound spellchecker…
       —Scott    Apr. 28 '05 - 02:03PM    #
  18. We live on a dead end turn around with our houses bordering a scenic fern and 100 year tree filled ravine. Our property goes to the bottom on our side of the ravine up to a smal creek. A developer across the road from us have received rights from the city to hook up to the sewer lift station. We were not aware of this until the cat equipment leveled every tree on the other side of the ravine up to the road. Today they came half was across the back clear cutting a path 25 ft wide in order to sink the sewer pipes to link to the city water. This action is cutting a virgin area of standing pines and oaks;some are 2 1/2 feet in diameter.We were not informed this was to be done. Today they cut half way and will do the rest tomorrow. Is there anything we can do?

    We live at N9458 Pine Valley Lane, Wisconsin Dells, Columbia County, Newport township. The land was purchased by the developer and then deeded to the city with the rights to run the sewer pipes through this wetland area. Our number is 608-254-7793. The equipment will start at 7AM. If you know what we can do – please call us or e-mail back

       —mike    May. 23 '06 - 08:38AM    #
  19. T.J., you make a good point of contrast between greek and michigamua.

    but isn’t that often the case. Look at our collection of pro-palestine fanatics around here, you’d think that there were no other issues that are equally important (say, most of Africa for example).

       —Just a Voice    May. 23 '06 - 05:29PM    #