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Perfect Storm in the Daily

20. June 2005 • Scott Trudeau
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A version of Rob’s Perfect Storm post ran as a Viewpoint in today’s Daily:

No matter how perfectly aligned the conditions, the storm won’t strike without unprecedented energy fueling it. If they set their minds to it, students have both the political base and intellectual resources to be a potent political force that could fundamentally reshape the city’s political landscape. An atmosphere of complacency and pessimism about what is possible for the city hangs around city hall. Let’s imagine a city where tenants’ rights are a top priority; the planning commission and council aggressively pursue an agenda of dense, sustainable development; and new and radical ideas to provide affordable housing—such as subsidized housing and rent control—are earnestly explored. If they set their minds to it, students like Dale Winling and Eugene Kang—and their supporters—could begin to make this vision a reality.

  1. Scott, I do believe we have an Ann Arbor echo chamber going on here. :-) Ok, so who’s in on an Independent Committee to Create A Eugene Kang Website?
       —Rob    Jun. 20 '05 - 08:43PM    #
  2. Kinda too bad this ran in the summer weekly, when there’s almost nobody around to read it. . . . Any plans to get it re-printed during the school year when there’ll be many more people around?
       —[libcat]    Jun. 22 '05 - 02:32AM    #