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Pizza Drivers Unite!

25. June 2005 • MarkDilley
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Wow, this is happening “Up-North.” Domino’s Pizza, a Michigan based chain started in Ypsilanti is fighting the organizing of its drivers.

Citing unfair mileage compensation, lack of health and dental benefits, and a lack of safety training, and the employer not reimburseing the drivers for commercial liability insurance, as reasons for wanting union representation, an overwhelming number of the drivers have signed authorization cards asking the union to represent them for pruposes of collective bargaining.

via Labor News Network

>Domino’s union vote challenged 2-2 vote in Ohio should be 2-1, drivers’ union says

>Association of Pizza Delivery Drivers

  1. as an ex-pizza boy, all i can say is, hoo-rah!

    live from uptown,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jun. 25 '05 - 11:39AM    #
  2. Same here, Ari!
       —js    Jun. 25 '05 - 01:23PM    #
  3. It’s about time APDD did this. They have been talking about trying to organize a union ever since I stumbled on them about two years ago.

    I drove for Little Caesers in a spot downriver for a year and a half. I found out about APDD’s site and cause through a website that was advertising a delivery driver movie (Drivers Wanted).

    Huzzah for ex-delivery drivers!
       —Chris    Jun. 29 '05 - 12:32AM    #