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Sunday fun at Gallup Park

9. July 2005 • Matt Hollerbach
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Tomorrow morning and afternoon, the city’s 25th annual Huron River Day will take place at Gallup Park. Included in the festivities will be walks and runs sponsored by the Ann Arbor Track Club, a community drum circle at 2:15, free canoe and kayak rentals all day, and free ice-cream from 2-4 courtesy Washtenaw Dairy.

For more info, call 734-662-9319

  1. “Community drum circle?” I hope AAIO didn’t hear about this.
       —Brandon    Jul. 11 '05 - 09:05PM    #
  2. A drum circle is where a bunch of people commune with nature by drowning it out.
       —tom    Jul. 12 '05 - 02:36PM    #