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Art Fair Week Civic Summary

19. July 2005 • Murph
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Having missed a week’s worth of local goings-on and gossip, I can’t provide much up-to-the-minute commentary, but here are some notable things happening this week:

A2 City Council (18 July):

> Approved OxBridge and NoBuPa residential parking districts by 9-1 vote. See A2News’ City OKs parking limits in campus-area district (19 July) and prior ArborUpdate discussion (24 May).
> Appointed Councilmembers Greden, Easthope, and Teall to investigate design and financing of a $41m expansion to City Hall . A2News: City may stick with city hall plans (19 July).

A2 Parks Advisory Commission (19 July):

Public hearing 4 pm today in Council Chambers on the draft 2006-2011 Parks and Recreation Open Space Plan. Written comments on the draft Plan will also be taken until August 15.

A2 City Planning Commission (19 July):

Regular Meeting 7pm tonight – agenda is not yet online, but includes the item “f. Commission Discussion of Resolution regarding Council Action on City-Owned Properties,” which apparently is a resolution asking Council not to take action on the DDA’s Three/Two-Site plan until after the Calthorpe study. (Currently, the discussion of directing the DDA to back off to two sites is intended to come before Council at their 1 August meeting.)

Madison House Surprise Show Tonight!

Okay, not civic, but anyways, details on the Madison House blog

AATA Art Fair Annoyance (all week)

Art Fair Detours posted to AATA’s site.