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Urban Outfitters - not everything is cool there.

21. July 2005 • MarkDilley
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Wanted to pass along this info because they are in our midst.

We have come a long way from the days of blatant racism.

As CNN’s Lou Dobbs continues to fan the flames of xenophobia and the “Minutemen” vigilantes rouse hatred, we now have to contend with corporate America, which thinks its open season on Latinos.

Urban Outfitters recently began selling offensive tee shirts with a slogan: New Mexico, Cleaner Than Regular Mexico, conjuring negative and racist ideas of the “the dirty Mexican.” Earlier this year, GUESS Inc. removed a similarly offensive tee shirt from its stores that read: Ski Colombia-always plenty of fresh powder! after protests from consumers and people of conscience.

These companies are feeding a social climate where derogatory messages are acceptable. Sign the petition and tell Urban Outfitters to take down the offensive and crude tee shirts.

We can not stand by and allow corporate America to insult Latinos, no matter what our national heritage. We must stand together against such affronts.

Sign the petition and tell Richard Hayne, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Urban Outfitters, Inc. to remove the offensive and crude tee shirts.


Jose Quinonez,

(yea, I know it is a petition, and those are going to change much…but they are a step in the right direction…)

  1. Um… Y’all know that Urban Outfitters is a sizable Republican donor, right? Of course they’re going to look for ways to offend people for money…
    Not saying not to protest, just to know the beast with which you deal…
       —js    Jul. 21 '05 - 09:43PM    #
  2. I’m pretty sure most people who read this blog don’t think their faux-hipster overpriced thift-store knock-off clothing is cool in the first place.
       —Brandon    Jul. 22 '05 - 01:12PM    #
  3. is this same store that sold ghettopoly???

    just checking,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jul. 22 '05 - 09:30PM    #
  4. Mexico is dirty? That isn’t news. Mexico has horrible environmental protection laws.
       —Reginald Cornbluth    Jul. 24 '05 - 12:29AM    #
  5. The shirt isn’t funny, but it isn’t exactly racist. Why does everyone think they are putting down Mexicans? Mexico is a dirty country in many ways. It had the longest running dictatorships in recent history, the PRI. The police in Mexico are the dirtiest in the western hemisphere. How is this shirt racist?
       —Reginald Cornbluth    Jul. 24 '05 - 12:32AM    #
  6. Also waiting for an answer…Can’t see the racism. Married to a latina, lived in Jalisco over 2 years, love latino culture. But yeah, it’s dirty.
       —Mr. Rogers    Jul. 28 '05 - 04:28PM    #
  7. It’s kind of funny that the lefties in Ann Arbor would object to the t-shirts given in the post, while at the same time wearing truly offensive t-shirts themselves that compare Bush to Hitler. Give me a break. I guess I’ll have to go shopping at Urban Outfitters now.
       —Chico Panther    Aug. 1 '05 - 08:02PM    #
  8. it isn’t offensive to compare bush to hitler, at worst, it is inaccurate, even though a lot of bush’s speech’s after 9-11 sounded eeriely like hitler’s after the burning of the reichstaag…in any event, usually think a bush/stalin comparison is more apt, in that case…

    oh, and chico, i didn’t know any one in that post was wearing one of those shirts like you so confidently claimed…i guess you can see through the internet!!!

    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Aug. 1 '05 - 09:40PM    #
  9. No, I’m not spying (yet) on any of the posters here :-) , but even you would have to admit to seeing plenty of really offensive t-shirts worn by the hoi polloi in A2.

    And I’d like to think that Harry’s Army Surplus went out of business in A2 because I stopped shopping there after they were selling “Bushit” t-shirts at the 2004 Art Fair. And yes, I know that the promoters of the many “art fairs” in A2 hate when some of us lump all of the fairs into a generic “art fair,” but that’s the way I see it.
       —Chico Panther    Aug. 2 '05 - 03:58PM    #
  10. “Everyone loves a Bobo girl”
       —Brandon    Aug. 2 '05 - 06:33PM    #