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Crime wave in south student neighborhood?

5. August 2005 • Murph
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The Ann Arbor News reported Wednesday that three recent robberies in the neighborhood south of campus were believed related, and two more appear to have occurred early this morning. From the News, Police investigate spate of robberies:

Police have received five reports of street robberies since July 23 and believe three of the incidents were committed by the same men, Detective Sgt. Richard Kinsey said.

The most recent occurred Tuesday night when a 22-year-old man was assaulted and robbed on his porch while he was smoking a cigarette. The victim, who lives in the 1100 block of South Forest Avenue, told police he was approached by four men just before midnight, and one began asking questions.

He said the man asked if he had cigarettes, a drink or money before suddenly striking him in the head, reports said. The resident said he was knocked to the ground, the man pulled his wallet from his back pocket and the four men ran off together, reports said. He had minor injuries.

“These are bully crimes and really make me mad,’’ Kinsey said. “They’re not even getting much from these victims – $10 or $20. People have a right to walk down the street at night, and we’re declaring war on these thugs.’’

The two other similar street robberies occurred Monday on Hill Street and July 23 on Packard Street.

The current incident log from DPS includes a pair of items that look similar:

8/5/2005 1:24:48 AM Assist other agency (cad # 52170017)

Officers assisted the Ann Arbor Police in investigation an assault. Units searched for four black males wearing white tank tops. The subjects had punched a person in the face and fled.

8/5/2005 1:58:09 AM Assist other agency (cad # 52170023)

Officers assisted the Ann Arbor Police in investigation a strong-arm robbery. Units searched for five black males. The subjects punched a person and took money. A K-9 unit checked the area, but was UTL subjects.

Anyone with information on the robberies is asked to call the Ann Arbor Police tip line at (734) 996-3199.

Update, 6 Aug, 2pm: Two more News articles; looks like “400 block of State” means North State:

> 5 August, Group suspected in pair of campus-area attacks
> 6 August, Reward offered in investigation of strong-armed thefts

  1. AAIO has a pretty good theory on this.
       —Brandon    Aug. 5 '05 - 08:33PM    #
  2. I’ve heard two different stories recently about people being spontaneously jumped and severely beaten by anonymous assailants along North State. The 400 block episode mentioned above sounds like one of them, although in the attack I heard about the assailants did not want money, they were just out to beat someone up.
       —Dan Faichney    Aug. 6 '05 - 06:01PM    #
  3. By “recently” do you mean “two nights ago”? Or are these separate similar incidents that aren’t counted yet?
       —Murph    Aug. 6 '05 - 06:10PM    #
  4. I am fairly certain one of the stories I heard was one and the same as the reported 400 block incident. As for the other one, I’m not too sure. If I find out more, I’ll definitely let you know.
       —Dan Faichney    Aug. 7 '05 - 01:16AM    #