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Chemical Plant Explosion

10. August 2005 • MarkDilley
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Urgent news, in Romulus Michigan currently, is a massive fire at a chemical plant at Wayne and Vanborn roads…


    All the roads leading to that area were still blocked this morning around 8:30 AM.
       —Brian    Aug. 10 '05 - 12:52PM    #
  2. Here’s a satellite view—looks like a residential area.
       —Matt Hampel    Aug. 10 '05 - 01:00PM    #
  3. Once again (and when, oh when, will it ever end) the trivial troubles of white Americans (white Americans who never have to fear that they are shortly to be blown to pieces by rabid Zionist Jews) are being discussed here at, while the helpless Palestinian babies are being roasted over an open fire on bayonets. When, when, when will roasting Palestinian babies be given the same attention as a few suburbanites with nagging coughs? I call, once again, upon the readers of this blog,, to stand with me before the city council of Ann Arbor and demand, demand, demand under threat of death, that they DIVEST the 75 cents in some city worker’s retirement account that is invested in the cursed Naot shoe company. A company, I might add, that produces the boots that are daily, yea hourly, yea at this very moment! being ground down upon the heads and fragile bodies of Palestinian babies (that is, prior to roasting—it tenderizes them). Who, who, who will stand up for the Palestinian babies?

    I’ll wager not a single one of you. You people disgust me.

    Sorry folks. I knew it was coming, and I figured it would be more fun if I wrote it myself.
       —Parking Structure Dude! (Parking Structures, Dude)    Aug. 10 '05 - 01:24PM    #
  4. I should add that I hope that no one gets seriously fucked up. But it sounded on the radio this morning, as though they had gotten quite a few people evacuated.

    Chemical plant fires suck. Which is why my platform, as candidate for the First Ward council vacancy, includes a provision to prohibit the construction of any new chemical plants (in the First Ward). And we’re going to make up the difference in the tax collection by logging the bluffs. And legalizing prostitution. My brothel on Felch Street will open the day after my appointment. I’ve already got the ladies on payroll (if you know what I mean).

    Oh, and just for fun, we’re going to use the new Supreme Court decision to seize Hanson’s house on Orkney and open a new Hardees. And we’re going to take Margarets house on First and just fucking blow it up and plant some ferns and shit as a token first step toward a fullscale greenway.
       —Parking Structure Dude! (Parking Structures, Dude)    Aug. 10 '05 - 01:40PM    #
  5. Parking Structure Dude:

    Take some pills, and get off of the web. Your comments wasted everyone’s time trying to figure out what your bizarre comments about Israel and Palestine are supposed to mean.

    Just because Blaine is inappropriate, isn’t any reason to make fun of the thousands of innocent Palestinians being murdered by the government of Israel.
       —anon    Aug. 10 '05 - 05:35PM    #
  6. cough cough.

    no, no, i mean nothing by it … it’s just the damn fumes all those burning babies, i mean ferns, i mean CHEMICALS.
       —peter honeyman    Aug. 10 '05 - 06:47PM    #
  7. What kinda sauce do you use with roasted baby? I thought about barbeque, but it seems like it would be overpowering.
       —js    Aug. 10 '05 - 07:42PM    #
  8. I don’t use any sauce at all—just salt and pepper the hell out of it before cooking. I do chicken the same way.

    Oh, one more thing. If you are in fact roasting the babies on bayonets, unload the weapon first. The barrels get really hot and shells have been known to explode, either in the clip, which just scares the hell out of you, or in the chamber, firing a bullet. We don’t want anyone getting hurt.
       —Parking Structure Dude! (Parking Structures, Dude)    Aug. 10 '05 - 09:01PM    #