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British Airways cancels all Heathrow flights

11. August 2005 • MarkDilley
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!!!!!! Attention !!!!!!!

Over 1000 baggage handlers and food prep workers are on a wildcat strike (not authorized by the “union”.)

“British Airways cancelled all its flights from London’s Heathrow Airport on Thursday at the peak of its summer holiday season, stranding some 20,000 passengers, following a series of wildcat strikes.”

via – British Airways cancels all Heathrow flights – Aug 11, 2005


  1. Glad to see international human rights news back in ArborUpdate.

    And hey, labor rights for British workers is a great cause!

    A great cause for little old Ann Arbor, too.

    Now, about those who want to banish 4,000 murdered Palestinians from being a big issue in ArborUpdate…

    ...How come you’re not complaining to poor Mark for making a big story about 1,000 striking British airline workers?

    Maybe because you DO value human life—but only when it’s white, preferably extra-white, like British (your favorite).

    More proof about which foreign human life ArborUpdate really values and advertises:

    * 58 dead white guys in London?

    (Yes, says ArborUpdate)

    * 1,000 white strikers in London?

    (Yes, says ArborUpdate)

    * How about 4,000 Palestinians murdered by your favorite charity—by the State of Israel itself?

    (Hell no, Hell no, says ArborUpdate; let ‘em fry in silence)


    None of this summer’s divestment resolutions, by various national Protestant denominations, have rated a mention by ArborUpdate, either.

    And certainly not the U-M campus divestment effort (200 people stood up for divestment from Israel, at the U-M student government meeting.)

    Zippo, zero, nuthin’ in ArborUpdate about all that divestment excitement, on campus, or off.

    Had those divesters been standing up for white Brits, instead of for Palestinians, ArborUpdate would have been there, pen in hand, and with bells on.
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 12 '05 - 02:30AM    #
  2. Well, I DO find it a bit off-topic, Blaine, if it makes you feel any better. Where’s the Annarbour or even Michigan angle? Hell if I know. But I’m not Mark.
       —Brandon    Aug. 12 '05 - 04:06AM    #
  3. Thanks Brandon,

    I don’t hear any fire, or cuss words, about this British news being made into a featured ArborUpdate story.

    And I’m glad.

    So, let’s see what this international/national/local news story will inspire, in the way of response:

    A Divestment Resolution has just been approved overwhelmingly by Veterans for Peace, at their national convention in Dallas—

    Here’s the resolution, from the VFP Website:



    Passed August 6, 2005

    WHEREAS Veterans For Peace is dedicated to the cause of world peace and to seeking justice for the victims of war; and,

    WHEREAS the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a major flashpoint in international affairs; and,

    WHEREAS the people of the region continue to suffer because of the prolonged militarization of the conflict; and,

    WHEREAS the United States is the largest single source of governmental and non-governmental financial assistance to Israel; and

    WHEREAS all forms of international intervention and peace-making have until now failed to bring about compliance on the part of the Israeli government with international law as embodied in countless UN resolutions and world court decisions; and

    WHEREAS such compliance would be in the interest of both the Palestinian and Israeli people, irrespective of the position of the Israeli government, and

    WHEREAS the demand for such compliance underlies the historic VFP support for peace activists within Israel in opposition to their government’s policies

    Therefore, inspired by the model of the South African struggle against apartheid and the international solidarity which made it effective, and in support for the call by more than 170 Palestinian political parties, unions, associations, coalitions, and organizations for such economic actions,

    BE IT RESOLVED that Veterans For Peace calls for boycott, divestment, and other actions against economic activities that support Israel’s continued occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands and the denial of fundamental human rights to Palestinians both in Israel and in the occupied territories; and

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that such actions be continued until such time as the Government of Israel complies with international law and the universal principles of human rights; and

    BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that Veterans For Peace urges its members and chapters to work actively to support such boycotts, divestment, and economic actions which seem to them best calculated to bring about a change in Israeli government policy for the benefit of both the Israeli and Palestinian people.

       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 12 '05 - 12:44PM    #
  4. “58 dead white guys in London?”

    many of those victims were south asian muslims and africans…there were also many women…

    fact checking,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Aug. 12 '05 - 03:17PM    #
  5. Ari,

    You can bet that many of the employees of Gate Gourmet are of various ethnic/religious origins, but I’m sure that once again our resident “hey, don’t bog me down with the facts, man” expert Blaine didn’t think of this yet again.

    In fact, it wouldn’t surpise me in the least to find that Gate Gourmet, a company with branches throughout the world, employs more non-whites than whites.

    But hey, why let actual information get in the way of a rant?

    Hey Blaine,

    You didn’t answer my question before. Pretend that the US does what you ask, and divests itself from Israel. Is that the last step? Will the Palestinians and Israeli’s call a truce, and work everything out?

    Curious to know.
       —todd    Aug. 12 '05 - 03:27PM    #
  6. OK Todd,

    I’ll answer your question as clearly as I can.

    * What if the end of slavery is a mess for the slaveowners?

    Do you decide to keep funding slavery, to prevent a mess for slaveowners?

    * What if the end of apartheid is a mess?

    Do you keep funding the apartheid regime, and its endless military strikes against its neighbors?


    You may have this image of this highly nuclearized, military superpower, known as “Israel” (possessing the first or second mightiest air force the world has ever known) as some kind of poor victim, a la Warsaw in 1939.

    When you talk about the Warsaw Ghetto, 1939-1944, you’re talking about my family.

    The Warsaw Ghetto, 1939 (malnourished deportees, behind barbed wire, shot for sport by occupying troops) only resembles one nation today—and that is the nation of Palestine.

    That is the side any conscious advocate of human rights has to be on.

    I can never be on the side of the Nazi Occupation you call by the name of “Israel.”

    I hope you understan that Nazi occupiers can speak other languages besides German.

    They can speak Hebrew, from their tanks and jet bombers over Palestine.

    They can also speak English, as they torture and murder their prisoners in Abu Ghraib.

    Does that answer your question, or do you want guarantees from me of perpetual good behavior by 4 million imprisoned Palestinians, if you agree to their release on your own conditions of parole?
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 12 '05 - 03:54PM    #
  7. Blaine,

    I didn’t think that it was physically possible for anyone to be this obtuse.

    You are assuming that I’m against military divestment, when I’ve stated many times that I’m FOR divestment.

    I attended Georgetown, which had a very, very diverse (not economically, but in terms of nationality) student body. The Middle East was a frequent topic of conversation both in and out of the classroom…and both perspectives were on hand, and vocally on hand, at that. I can assure you that the pro-divestment discussions were a hell of a lot more intelligently structured then your half-assed statistic-spouting rants.

    You speak to many of us here at Arbor Update as if we are uninformed 10 year olds living in the middle of Oklahoma who couldn’t find the West Bank on a Map if you circled in bright red and then pointed at it. We are well aware of the ***damn numbers of dead, Blaine. We know they have precious little rights if they live in that region. Give it a rest.

    I, and others here, react this way because you are essentially calling us a bunch of uninformed racists. I take great offense to this charge, and well I should.

    So let’s try this again Blaine: are you interested in Middle East Peace, or are you just interested in hearing yourself talk?

    Here it is (for the third bloody time): Pretend the US stops giving Israel military aid (which I support the cessation of). Is this the end of the conflict? Don’t give me statistics. Give me a real answer.
       —todd    Aug. 12 '05 - 04:38PM    #
  8. OK Todd,

    Please show me the right way to argue for divesting from Israel, so I can follow your example…

    ...since you say my only fault is arguing for divestment in the wrong way.

    You show me the right way to convince the ArborUpdate “community” to push for divestment, the way they push on issues like parking structures.

    (Hello to the Parking Structure Dude.)


    Forgive me for not knowing your deeply-reasoned, heartfelt reasons for supporting divestment.

    I never see you, or others on ArborUpdate, ever make those arguments for divestment which you assure me are in your heart.

    Maybe all that time I was silent on ArborUpdate was not enough for you to muster your arguments for divestment.

    Perhaps I misjudge you.

    Maybe now, you’ll show me the right way to argue for divestment.

    You and I both know the outcome of divestment:

    Those Israeli soldiers who want to be racial overlords will run and look for some other country to be overlords in: maybe working for Bush as Abu Ghraib torturers.

    Those who actually want to live as neighbors and equals, with no racial privileges, with no God-given right to steal Palestinian land and homes, will stay and do so: just as soon as all Palestinian refugees are allowed to return to their homes.

    Remember how Clinton fought a war to supposedly allow Kosovars to return to their homes?

    So this return-of-the-refugees idea shouldn’t frighten you, unless you have racial preconeptions that Palestinian refugees are less worthy than European Kosavar refugees.
    —If my guess is right: will you support divestment?
    —If my guess is wrong, if the Israeli Army goes “into the laager” (as white South Africans threatened to do), and launches a larger war on Palestinians, will you then look on the Palestinians as “violent” if some of them try to defend themselves?

    With you then withdraw your supposedly heartfelt arguments for divestment, which I’m waiting to see you expound on?
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 12 '05 - 04:58PM    #
  9. Blaine—why not take up Todd on his offer of discussion rather than rhetoric?
       —Dale    Aug. 12 '05 - 05:18PM    #
  10. Dale,

    I did answer his question:
    Ending aid to Israel will result in the fall of the Israeli apartheid state.

    Because it did the same with apartheid South Africa.

    That will free the Palestinians from Israeli military rule.

    That’s the answer.

    If Todd wants more than that answer, more than that guess, then what more can I say?

    If Todd wants a guarantee that Palestine will behave as he wants it to, what am I supposed to say?

    What if Palestine elects people Todd hates?

    Will he support aid to re-create Israel then?

    I hope not.

    Remember the contra war?
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 12 '05 - 05:37PM    #
  11. Blaine,

    Wait a minute. So are you saying that the Palestinians will use force to get what they want if the Israelis don’t get US funds?

    Or are you saying that the incredibly disperate Palestinian factions will magically and suddenly want to live in peace together with the Israelis in the region?

    Oh, and the only thing that I want from Palestinians (or anyone else, for that matter) is peace. That’s it. They can do whatever they wish outside of that. I wouldn’t look that gift horse in the mouth.
       —todd    Aug. 12 '05 - 06:07PM    #
  12. blaine,

    when you refer to nazi aparthied, do mean israel’s occupation in west bank and gaza or do you mean the state as a whole?

    honest question,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Aug. 12 '05 - 06:13PM    #
  13. Uh, to bring us back to why we’re here – I see this as a blog about local issues – Ann Arbor and Michigan. It’s not about international issues, so regardless of where people stand, I and many others would tune out if it became about anything and everything. That’s not to say the moderators are perfect about sticking to local topics, so perhaps it would help define the blog a bit more if that were the case.
       —Lisa    Aug. 12 '05 - 06:42PM    #
  14. Don’t feed the trolls!
       —Matt    Aug. 12 '05 - 07:10PM    #
  15. I want divestment; that’s all.

    It was right against the Apartheid South African regime, despite their fears of “force and violence”.

    It is just as right against the Israeli Apartheid regime.



    Why do you keep wanting guarantees that no Arab, anywhere, will engage in “force”?

    You are the only one talking about force.

    Why do you never voice any fears about the Israeli military juggernaut’s daily, overwhelming use of military force?


    * Israeli half-ton bombs dropped, from the air, on whole apartment houses.

    * Israeli military missiles, fired from the air, onto peaceful demonstrators in Gaza.

    Yes, Ari, that’s a Nazi occupation.

    You know it; I know it.


    Why, whenever the subject of Palestine, of Arabs, of Muslims comes up, does the whole media (even little old ArborUpdate) get very worried about:

    “Force! Violence!

    “When, oh when will we [by “we”, or “I”, you mean Israel and the U.S.] ever have peace?”


    As long as you insist on talking about “force”, about “violence”, you can keep that talk between you and yourself.

    I want no part of it, now or ever.

    I am talking about political human rights action, about divestment.


    Is that still allowed here?


    I still haven’t heard a single regular on this list convincingly ask for “peace”, for “security”, for the actual occupied victims here—the Palestinians.

    Yes, Ari, you know what happened to the Palestinians inside and outside the “Green Line”—they all were shelled out of their homes; some managed to hang on, in their own city, or close enough to get back in.

    You know this; you don’t need to ask me. Even Zionist historians like Benny Morris have to admit this.

    Most of the Palestinians, who were chased out, never made it back alive, to their homes in Palestine.

    That includes, Haifa, Palestine.

    That includes al-Quds, Palestine (you call it Jerusalem).

    Israel destroyed over 400 Palestinian villages, wiped them off the ground, wiped them out of the geography books.

    That’s a Nazi occupation, Ari.


    The Palestinians who tried to return to their farms and homes were shot as “infiltrators”; no questions asked.

    Ask your former Palestinian friends.

    (I see you hang out with a new crowd now; otherwise you wouldn’t be talking like a Labor Party cabinet minister.)

    Even the survivors, even as late as 2000, could be shot dead by Israeli police, inside “Israel”, for the same kinds of demonstrations that would be quite safe for non-Palestinians.

    That is a Nazi occupation.

    Who do you identify with?

    I hope you don’t identify with the occupying army, that held all Palestinians under military rule until 1966, throughout the area you call “Israel”.

    And when will ArborUpdate speak with the same passion for divesting from Israel as it does for divesting from “Killer Coke”?
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 12 '05 - 07:31PM    #
  16. blaine,

    i found your case interesting…i was speaking at a fellow (who will remain nameless) at the council on foreign relations, and he explained the daily life of palestinans in the west bank as opposed to settlers…my question to him was, “so how is this not aparthied?”

    i don’t throw the word nazi around in this case, because i don’t think its right to compare tragedys, and i think its insulting to many survivors…

    but when i draw the line is when we all start hating on israel…i mean, forget for a minute that there israeli arabs in knesset and on the supreme court (as my associate david livshiz once quipped, “that’s pretty impressive for an aparthied state”)...i do agree that there is a lot of insitutional racism against arabs in israel in addition to mistreatment, nothing that really outshines most other nations of its kind…i mean, the fact is, of most nations out there, israel’s government (domestically) is better than our own, kind of the european stock…

    my point is that people bring in a lot relavent arguments about israel and occupation, much of which i agree with…but this step beyond, where we are “anti-israel” or can’t even refer to it by name or talk about destroying it, is a double standard…we all can’t stand genocide in sudan, chinese brutality of its minorities, but no one is anti-sudan or anti-china, these things don’t undermine these countries right to exist…

    there was an interesting artcle about arafat in atlantic this month…reading that, seeing the pull out in gaza (yes, i know settlements are growing in wb), and all, i think there are a lot of positive steps, and i’m not usually an optimist…

    okay, that’s it for now…

    piece now,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Aug. 12 '05 - 11:53PM    #
  17. Nazi occupation? You moron. You have no idea what Nazis were, and by using them as a shorthand for evil, you’re both mitigating the Nazis and making yourself look like an ignorant goon.
    Why is it this website’s mission to promote divestment in Israel? Why not go bother They’ve got more readers.
    Put together an event or something, then we’ll decide whether or not to cover it. Quit jerking off on the comments, douchebag.
       —js    Aug. 13 '05 - 12:18AM    #
  18. Joshua,

    Why is Palestine such a nerve-hitting topic for you?

    And if ArborUpdate is chock-full of Killer-Coke pwogwessives, then why is it that me, only me, has the responsibility of organizing a divestment rally?


    If you insist, OK, I guess I could organize some divestment rally on campus, but isn’t that the progressive, anti-racist students’ job?

    Isn’t it Ari’s and Scott’s and Murph’s and Joshua’s and Todd’s and Matt’s job to raise hell for divestment, not just from Coke in India, but also from the U.S.’s heavy interference in Palestine?

    I guess my comparing Israeli occupation with Nazi occupation got some people’s attention.

    I’m glad you’re testing out the thesis that Israeli occupation is at least apartheid.

    You’ll learn a lot from the reactions of people to that thesis. Especially people who normally hate racism, but suddenly get very hazy in the case of what Israel is doing.

    Again, you are absolutely right that more people have been killed in the Sudan, in China, and in other places…

    ... But the U.S. has not mobilized all its military, diplomatic, political, and media power to feed and flack for Sudanese mass murderers, or for Chinese mass murderers.

    The U.S. is doing that service only for Israel, and on a massive scale, as you know.

    Billions every year to Israel, plus total protection against U.N. sanctions, since long before you were born.


    Something is fishy there.

    As you know.

    Thanks for thinking this through, and for demanding answers from the people you come in contact with.

    At some point, you’ll ask some Palestinians about the apartheid comparison to Israeli occupation.

    You may, at some point, even ask them about the Nazi or Klan comparison to the current Israeli occupation.

    See what they say; see how it strikes you.
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 13 '05 - 02:32AM    #
  19. Ok, prepare yourselves for a doozy.

    So yesterday I’m hanging out at the library, you know, just chilling and taking advantage of the free internet, looking for a job and shit. I go outside for a smoke, and when I come back in I hear this guy just bitching up a storm to the reference librarian. “What are all these books? They have nothing to do with the plight of the Palestinian people! How dare, dare, dare you fill your shelves with cookbooks, and home repair manuals, and the complete works of Elmore Leonard when there are children being eviscerated and garroted and beaten like Persian rugs at the hands of the fascist Jews in Palestine. You, who have the means to fill hundreds of yards of shelving with the TRUTH the TRUTH the TRUTH, what do you do? You seek only to titillate and entertain!”

    The librarian chick was about to call security when I intervened. “Blaine, you old bugger!” I interjected, winking at the librarian to let her know that I’d take over, “How the hell are you?”

    “And who might you be,” he queried, twitching a little around the left eye.

    “It is I, the Dude!”

    “So we meet at last….”

    I led him by the elbow to the little enclosed garden on the south side of the library, getting him outside so his hysterics would draw less attention. And then, I shit you not, we had a real heart to heart. See, the thing about Blaine is that, considering the circumstances, he’s doing amazingly well. The man has really been fucked up the ass by the system. I mean, I’d heard stories, but I really had never given a lot of thought to what happened when they shut down all those state hospitals, tossed all those people out on their asses. Blaine has been through a lot.

    So, to make a long story short, we really bonded. We even came up with cutesy little nicknames for each other. He’s “Blaine the Pain”, because he’s been such a pain in everyone’s ass, and I’m the “Rude Dude” because I’m such a prick so often. So me and the Pain talked over the whole Palestine thing, and just as I figured, it all comes down to this one Jewish doctor at the old hospital who used to go all Nurse Ratchet on his ass. There was the straight jacket, the pills, the isolation, and the general sadistic torture, and they were getting ready for the lobotomy when the hospital closed. So I guess a little good came out of that. But anyway, Blaine never forgave the guy, and moreover has transferred his hatred to the Jewish people in general. I tried to talk some sense into him, you know, one rotten egg doesn’t mean you should kill the chicken, stuff like that, but the man is who he is. He’s just going to take this grudge to the grave.

    So then, in the course of events, I got around to clearing up his confusion about the white russian joke (he actually thought it had something to do with preferencing white people in general—even Russians!—over “brown” people like Palestinians) and he confessed that he had never seen the “The Big Lebowski”. “Well fuck me,” I said, “Say what you will about the tenants of National Socialism, but at least it’s an ethos!” Of course that went over his head too. So we went back inside, and sure enough the Library had a copy on VHS. We went over to Blaine’s place at the Y and borrowed a VCR from the desk. Up in Blaine’s room, as luck would have it, he had the requisite vodka, kahlua, and half-and-half (and strangely little else, with the exception of a large container of sugar-free Metamucil) so we mixed up a batch of white Russians (which, it turns out Blaine drank all the time, calling the Gaza Strippers) and watched the movie. He loved it, especially the part where the ferrets jump in the bath tub and the Dude keeps calling them marmots!

    Anyway, a few hours later I tucked his drunk ass into bed and retired to my secret lair beneath the Ann-Ashley parking structure, intent on logging in here as soon as the library reopened to tell you people to lay off. Cut the Pain a little slack, he’s suffered a great deal. And he’s probably really hung over right now, if not already shit-faced again. From here on, me and the Pain are tight. Fuck with him and you’ve fucked with me—and NOBODY fucks with the PSD.

       —Parking Structure Dude!    Aug. 13 '05 - 05:16PM    #
  20. I had thought ArborUpdate was a place to discuss issues—parking structures, Palestine, divestment.

    You don’t have to click on my messages if you don’t want to.

    But when it comes to the actual lives of Palestinians, getting snuffed out in front of your eyes,

    You still choose to respond by focusing not on the Palestinians, but on a guy who dares to mention them.

    Still waiting, still waiting, for ArborUpdate to devote half the energy spent on strangling Palestine talk… talking about the living, breathing, bleeding millions who actually live under occupation in Palestine, courtesy of your tax dollars.

    Where’s your heart?
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 13 '05 - 06:34PM    #
  21. Well,

    I’ve tried to work with you three times now….I give up. Lisa’s right: let’s stick to local issues.

    If you are really, honestly, truly, this hardcore about the issue, then your life is a complete waste if you don’t get off your ass and get into the trenches in Washington, DC….home to the only people who can help you change things. Join a political party. Work with lobbying firms. It’s possible to accomplish you goals. I’ve seen it happen first hand.

    Ann Arbor is far too small of a pond for change of the magnitude that you are asking for…..

    You ask where’s are heart; my reply is where the hell is your head? Use it, and move to DC.
       —todd    Aug. 14 '05 - 04:28PM    #
  22. Since you brought it up—
    You would never tell anyone GO AWAY, “GO TO DC with your issue”—except for the Palestine issue.

    I’ve heard a U.S. Congressman’s staffer say that divestment resolutions should NOT be presented to Congressman, to push on Capitol Hill.

    He said divestment resolutions should be presented to the local grass-roots, to build support first.

    Meanwhile the local grass-roots City Council says GO AWAY, go somewhere else with your divestment resolution.

    They say this to their own Human Righst Commission.

    When ISRAELI PROFESSORS have written to Ann Arbor City Council, to push for divestment from Israel, Ann Arbor Zionists have told THEM to go away, because they are not from Ann Arbor.

    You already know this:

    When the issue is divestment from Israel, someone like yourself will always appear, to say GO AWAY.

    As long as the First Amendment survives, and that may not be long, the issue of divestment will not go away.

    As divestment spreads, in all the “WRONG” places, campuses, churches, anti-war groups, you really will not have much to say abou it.

    Let’s imagine you are right
    —you say my words are all wrong to your ears.
    —you say I am not “working with you” (working with you?).
    —you say I’m not “using my head”.

    Who is stopping you from advocating for human rights, for people who you see as human?

    Who is stoppong you from doing divestment the “right way”?

    Until then, I can only speak in my own way, for divestment.
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 14 '05 - 05:36PM    #
  23. Blaine –

    You’re simply put starting off at the wrong point. The reason that Todd, or others are not “workign with you” is that you haven’t prooven your case. Specifically you call Israel names, but provide few warrants for your assertion. so most people, at City Council, or in the US Congress don’t take you seriously – becuase they, correctly in my opinion, do not see what is happening in Israel and the territories. And you, rather then attempting to give a complete, fair and accurate picture – simply resort to name calling, and refusing to give the other side. The number one rule of lobbying is you give BOTH sides concerns – you spin, and emphesize your point of course – but you do not ignore or refuse to accept legitimate arguments on the other side.

    you do – and as a result the credebility is small.

    but hey – glad to see you’re still trying…i need entertainment.
       —David LIvshiz    Aug. 14 '05 - 06:19PM    #
  24. Anyone can answer this:

    Those 4,000 Palestinians, who were killed, in Palesitne, on their own land, since September 2000…

    ...Those 4,000 Palestinians died somehow.

    Who killed them?

    “Both sides”?


    All it took was 4 deaths (four), at Kent State, to turn U.S. campuses upside-down with mass protests, mass student strikes, from coast to coast, in 1970.


    Who killed those 4,000 Palestinians if not U.S. tax money, supplying the Israeli military?

    And why is the case for mere divestment resolutions so very hard to see?
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 14 '05 - 07:17PM    #
  25. PSD: You shoulda just clubbed his ass like a baby seal.
    Blaine: The “No one has to read my comments” bit would be fine, except that people come to this thread expecting a discussion of the labor issues in England. You know, what the fucking post is about, moron.

    And ask Livshiz what nerve Palestine strikes for me. It’s YOU I don’t like, Blaine. Not Palestine, you moron.

    Frankly, Blaine, you’re making me reconsider the extent of my commitment to free speech. Since you can’t get a fucking clue about when it’s appropriate to flood the comments with your pet cause, since you misconstrue flagrantly and are willfully obtuse, and since YOU KILL LEGITIMATE DISCUSSIONS OF EVERYTHING (even Palestine), I’d have no problem deleting your comments and banning your IP address, in the interest of the site.
    Perhaps a time-out on your part is warrented, forced or voluntary. Or perhaps even a token attempt to stay on topic and not derail things.
    But I fully expect another one of your “I can’t stop shitting carriage returns” missives on how I’m a Zionist Nazi who eats Palestinean babies because I think you’re a douchbag.
       —js    Aug. 15 '05 - 02:23PM    #
  26. Joshua,

    I’ve asked for divestment from Israel, because of its violent occupation of Palestine.

    That’s all.

    Why, exactly, should there be no space for that argument?

    Divestment from Israel has been a U-M campus issue for years now.

    Why treat it as an intrusion, on an issues Weblog like ArborUpdate?

    Divestment from Israel, and cutting off aid to Israel, has been an issue at City Council, and in the City Council’s Human Rights Commission, for years——since 1983, if you want to read the “Ann Arbor News” back issues from Dec. ‘83 to mid-January ‘84.


    You address nothing of the divestment issue.

    Instead, you have just urged someone, whose name is known to you (not to me), to club me to death “like a baby seal”.

    You have just stated that I should be barred, volutarily or involuntarily, from soiling ArborUpdate with the issue of divestment or Palestine.

    You have, many times, directed obscene personal abuse at me.

    Your very last post used these words:

    “moron” (a second time)

    That is your frequent response to any divestment advocacy in ArborUpdate: abusive obscenity.

    I have never seen any other issue, except Palestine, answered on ArborUpdate with you urging political murder, with you urging a cutoff of the issue itself, with you using a steady stream of the most abusive obscenity.


    I guess I should ask ArborUpdate to consider, at a time of its choosing, to sponsor a formal City-wide and campus-wide forum on the issue of divestment from Israel.

    This summer, many national religious denominations have also debated the issue, coming out for using economic pressure to try and stop Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

    Based on the large response to divestment initiatives, on the U-M campus last semester, and on ArborUpdate, a public divestment forum might be a good way to start the semester.

    I’m sure a couple of ArborUpdate moderators could be found.

    The moderators’ primary interest would be to keep the divestment comments flowing, whether pro or con.

    They’d probably want to cut off each comment after 2 minutes apiece, so everyone has their say.

    That’s my suggestion:

    A public divestment forum so crowded that anything I say, for my 2 minutes, will be of little consequence.

    Can ArborUpdate consider that idea?
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 15 '05 - 04:47PM    #
  27. Blaine: You responded to none of my points, instead choosing to whine about the language.
    Please don’t post again until you understand what you’re responding to.
       —js    Aug. 15 '05 - 04:53PM    #
  28. Maybe the ArborUpdate staff can tell me:

    Wat’s the proper response, by the ArborUpdate management, to someone who openly urges the political murder of a person who pushes for divestment, who adds violent insults like “douchebag”, underlining his seriousness, in the pages of ArborUpdate?

    Here’s a response ArborUpdate can make right away:

    To announce an ArborUpdate public forum, maybe at the Michigan Union, on the issue: “Divestment from Israel: Pro and Con”.
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 15 '05 - 05:08PM    #
  29. This is Arbor Update, true. When I joined this community, I did it as the person adding labor content. So when a major event, some would say rare event, such as a wildcat strike happens, even when it is in Britain, I find it appropriate to post here. Obviously.

    As far as the Palestine spam from Blaine. I find it irritating. But isn’t that his whole point. Irritate till there is movement. Since he apparently hasn’t a clue how to organize, he continually spams here.

    I have offered to help him start his own site, as I think that would help him organize his thoughts and ideas. He has declined.

    If it is the will of this site that I only post labor issues as they relate to Ann Arbor, then I will.

    I feel there is a consensus growing that Blaine stop posting comments about Palestine, will he?
       —Mark    Aug. 15 '05 - 05:28PM    #
  30. First of all Blaine, there is no Arbor Update staff, nor management.

    Second, why don’t you organize the forum. It could be at your house. I will post a link to it. Forum on “Divestment from Israel: Pro and Con” at Blain. (Palastine)’s house.
       —Mark    Aug. 15 '05 - 05:32PM    #
  31. Mark,

    That is the nicest offer I have gotten on ArborUpdate:

    “Go away from my Website with YOUR Palestine issue, this thing that doesn’t belong on ArborUpdate, go get your own Website, go have an event someplace, and we’ll post a link for ya.”

    The other offers consist of violent cursing and Joshua urging his friends to murder me.

    Since you say that there is no one responsible for ArborUpdate, no management of any kind, I guess I have no one to complain to.

    I will ask, again, that ArborUpdate staff (oops, you say there is no staff either) consider treating Palestine (4,000 deaths) as you would treat British Airways (no deaths) or the British subway (58 deaths).

    Notice how, when it comes to Palestine, suddenly there is no one to ask.

    You say I don’t know how to organize.

    How right you are.

    But you do know how.
       —-Blaine. (Palestine)    Aug. 15 '05 - 06:29PM    #
  32. Hey, Blaine, party tonight at my place. You bring the lube, and I’ll run up to the Main Street Party Store for a couple 12 packs of Zima!

    I got some new DVD’s with “Barely legal Palestinian lads doing unspeakable things” from Brilliant stuff—some fetish, some romantic shit, some anal cream pies, some sloppy suckage (and God, the expressions on their adorable little faces!). You’re going to love it!

    And in case you needed any other enticement, Hanson’s coming!
    —The Dude

    p.s., You really should get an e-mail account.
       —Parking Structure Dude! (Parking Structures, Dude)    Aug. 17 '05 - 02:14PM    #