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Bomb <strike>Threat</strike> scare this morning at A2 Federal Building

12. September 2005 • Murph
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KGS reports:

The Federal Building & post office on Liberty Street was evacuated this morning, closing Fourth, Fifth, and Liberty and snarling traffic during the morning commute.

From the Channel 7 site: ” According to officials, a special bomb-sniffing dog that was brought in discovered a suspicious package. The box references the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Both the bomb squad and the FBI were called to the scene.”

A citizen who works across the street from the Federal Building took these photos: The surrounding buildings were not evacuated nor even told that there was a bomb, though it was fairly obvious from the presence of the Northville Bomb Squad truck. It appears to have been defused if it was a bomb, or at least investigated and determined that it wasn’t one. The streets are now open again.

  1. AATA buses were rerouted and late, as they load right next to the federal building.
       —Dale    Sep. 12 '05 - 05:10PM    #
  2. “The package was addressed to Pabst Blue Ribbon…”

    I’ve been mailing my empty Gatorade bottles to PBR for years and it has never gotten this much attention.
       —FAA    Sep. 12 '05 - 06:09PM    #
  3. So as I suspected, it was only a scare, not a threat…
       —Mark    Sep. 12 '05 - 07:38PM    #