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Michigan Daily launches blogs

14. September 2005 • Matt Hollerbach
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The Michigan Daily is trying to give itself a facelift these days. Today, they have launched what they’re calling ‘The Michigan Daily Weblog Network’ consisting of four blogs:
> The Game: The Official Michigan Daily Sportsblog
> The Wire: The Michigan Daily News Blog
> The Podium: The Daily Opinion Blog
> The Editor’s Page: The Weblog of Jason Z. Pesick

From the article on the blogs’ launch:

As part of our goal of providing our readers with innovative content, today The Michigan Daily launches a weblog network consisting of four blogs: a sports blog, an opinion blog, a news blog and a blog belonging to the editor in chief. You will be able to participate in discussions and debates with other readers and Michigan Daily editors. Read and then respond to what our football writers think about Saturday’s game, argue with the editorial page editor about the latest tuition increase, communicate with news editors and complain to the editor in chief about something you saw in the Daily. To join the conversation, which we’re not moderating, follow the links below. We hope to enhance campus debate and make the Daily more transparent and accountable.

  1. The Daily needs more than a facelift. It needs plastic surgery.
       —eston    Sep. 15 '05 - 07:00PM    #
  2. I don’t know, I’d say The Daily needs more than a face lift, like treatment on the order of advanced life support. I mean, really, The Daily has been getting more lame with each year, to the point where even The Michigan Review is a better publication regarding campus issues.
       —anonymous    Sep. 15 '05 - 07:20PM    #