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Ypsi Woman Urges Community to Fight Gay Rights

3. July 2004 • Ari Paul
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Cathy Leach of Ypsilanti Township shows her rage against those fighting for equal rights of homosexuals in an op-ed in the Ann Arbor News.

I support traditional marriage and I am writing to encourage you to speak up now to support this institution and to take action to prevent judicial activists from redefining its foundational tenets. Those of us who believe society is best served when marriage remains as a long term, monogamous relationship between one man and one woman need to make our voices heard. Call, write, and/or email your congressman and senators and ask them to support a federal marriage amendment, an amendment to our national Constitution defining marriage as between a man and a woman, husband and wife. Sign and help circulate a petition to place a referendum to amend the Michigan state Constitution on the statewide November ballot. If the majority remains silent on this issue, the moral values of a small minority will be endorsed by law, and public expression of an opposing viewpoint may soon be prosecuted as hate speech.

It is perhaps this widespread mindset in that area that prompted Ypsilanti to propose anti-gay rights laws.

  1. I don’t think it’s right to say that Cathy “shows her rage against those fighting for equal rights.” She is encouraging like-minded citizens to take part in the democratic referendum process. This kind of over-the-top speech is like public masturbation, self-serving and offensive. On the other hand…

    > If the majority remains silent on this
    > issue, the moral values of a small
    > minority will be endorsed by law…

    Woah, I’m getting a flashback here. What was it called… de-segregation?
       —Micah    Jul. 3 '04 - 03:49PM    #
  2. I wonder what makes the support “widespread”—I don’t know if it is or isn’t, but that’s a pretty pointed assertion to make without any evidence to back it up!
       —Brian    Jul. 3 '04 - 04:05PM    #
  3. okay…i take it back…too much editorializing…

    -a backtracking ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jul. 3 '04 - 04:08PM    #
  4. Ari, do your homework before you start slandering entire municipalities outside of the U.

    “YPSALANTI, MI – May 13 – Former Dominos Pizza CEO Tom Monaghan got an anti-gay initiative on the ballot this November in Ypsilanti, MI and he doesn’t even live there. The entire cost of this initiative, paid for by Monaghan was $6589.69, according to campaign documents released last week.

    The organization Ypsilanti Citizens Voting Yes for Equal Rights Not Special Rights was funded entirely by Monaghan and one other person, neither of which resides in Ypsilanti, according to their campaign finance statements for 2001. Monaghan “contributed” $6589.69, and the other donation of only $19 was from a woman by the name of Judy Bloss, to open a post office box for the group.”

       —Steven Cherry    Jul. 5 '04 - 12:03AM    #
  5. Steve—thanks for the details. Good to have some relevant, factual information to clear up this article’s FUD.
       —Brian    Jul. 5 '04 - 12:37AM    #
  6. Federal marriage amendment? I thought conservatives supported states rights and limited government.
       —George    Jul. 5 '04 - 11:48AM    #
  7. Oh, and Ypsi bashing is not cool.
       —George    Jul. 5 '04 - 11:49AM    #
  8. Umm… The whole point of a Bill of Rights is to protect minority rights from the tyranny of the majority.
    Perhaps people who disagree with that could move to, say, China, which has no such speedbumps.
       —js    Jul. 6 '04 - 12:38PM    #