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Severe Weather Test Drill

28. March 2007 • Juliew
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A statewide test tornado drill will be held today; Wednesday, March 28 between 11am and noon. Test tornado warnings and test severe weather warning statements will be issued from the five National Weather Service offices serving Michigan. These tests will cover all counties in Michigan. The warnings will be sent out on NOAA weather radio.

These tests are part of Michigan’s severe weather awareness week.

  1. When I first moved to Ann Arbor, I got a NOAA radio for weather warnings if the television wasn’t on (or on a local channel). We got no reception at all, regardless of where the radio was placed in the house. Then I went to the NOAA website ( and looked at the three closest broadcast stations (Detroit, Adrian, Onandaga). In all three instances, the center of Washtenaw county (presumable Ann Arbor) was in a fringe region of the broadcast. Shouldn’t there be some sort of repeater or tower in Ann Arbor, since the fringe broadcast likely doesn’t penetrate into a residence, and most of us aren’t in a position to raise a tower in our backyards?

       —jcp2    Mar. 30 '07 - 04:04PM    #
  2. i love weather

       —Donnie O'Keefe    Jan. 8 '08 - 11:44PM    #