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Election 2006: Proposal 5

6. November 2006 • Juliew
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Last, but not least.

Proposal 06-5

The proposed law would:

  • Increase current funding by approximately $565 million and require State to provide annual funding increases equal to the rate of inflation for public schools, intermediate school districts, community colleges, and higher education (includes state universities and financial aid/grant programs).
  • Require State to fund any deficiencies from General Fund.
  • Base funding for school districts with a declining enrollment on three-year student enrollment average.
  • Reduce and cap retirement fund contribution paid by public schools, community colleges and state universities; shift remaining portion to state.
  • Reduce funding gap between school districts receiving basic per-pupil foundation allowance and those receiving maximum foundation allowance.

  1. Why is there no intrest in this ballot? I would really be interested in hearing both sides.
    Who will really be footing the bill?
    And why do the staff have to have a reduced and cap retirement. Im Sick of Michigan messing with our seniors or soon to be, retirement.

       —Interesting    Nov. 7 '06 - 11:16PM    #
  2. on the one hand, the detroit news editorialized

    Michigan voters want better schools, not higher taxes to fund teachers’ already fat pensions. Vote No on Proposal 5. It’s a fraud.

    i have never known the detroit news to be right about anything, which suggests voting Yes.

    on the other hand, i am generally opposed to (for lack of a better term) direct democracy, which suggests voting No.

       —peter honeyman    Nov. 8 '06 - 01:37AM    #