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Election 2006: State Supreme Court

7. November 2006 • Juliew
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State Supreme Court (vote for two)
Jane M. Beckering (Nominated by Democratic Party)
Michael F. Cavanagh (Nominated by Democratic Party)
Maura Denise Corrigan (Nominated by Republican Party)
Kerry L. Morgan (Nominated by Libertarian Party)
Marc Shulman (Nominated by Republican Party)

  1. If you pick your candidates based on party affiliation, remember this list well! On the ballot, it is a non-partisan election, so you don’t see which party nominated which judges.

    If your a Dem, it’s easy, the Democratic nominees are the first two alphabetically.

    If you’re a Liberatairian, it’s also easy, there’s just one name to remmber: Morgan.

    If you’re a Republican, we’ll, you’ll have to find your own memory device (or just write down/print off the candidates).

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Nov. 7 '06 - 01:16AM    #
  2. And if you vote simply by party, you are an unthinking lemming and you deserve what you get.

       —Jackson    Nov. 7 '06 - 03:39AM    #
  3. I’m voting for Beckering and Cavanagh. Hopefully only degenerate right-wingers will vote for the Republican-nominated candidates. Corrigan is a real horror show – part of the right-wing majority that has made the Michigan Supreme Court the laughingstock of the country among legal scholars.

       —David Cahill    Nov. 7 '06 - 04:08AM    #
  4. I’m voting based on the guidelines from Michael Steinberg of the ACLU in his Judicial Picks post that has made the rounds.

       —Edward Vielmetti    Nov. 7 '06 - 08:00AM    #
  5. NOTE: The judicial nominees are in different orders on the ballot itself. Every 500 ballots, the names are rotated so that different people are on top. So on my ballot, the Republican Shulman was actually the one on the top, with Beckering second. This is already causing problems with people voting inadvertently for the wrong person. Vote for the NAME, not the order.

       —Juliew    Nov. 7 '06 - 07:20PM    #