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Michigan Economic Development Corp. names new head

15. February 2009 • Murph
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Ever since Jim Epolito announced his departure as Michigan’s top economic development material, speculation has flown over who would succeed him (at least, among we geeks who read the business press). Ann Arbor SPARK‘s own Mike Finney was among the leading names, but MEDC has recently nominated Greg Main.

Grand Rapids area native Main formerly worked in Michigan’s Commerce Department in the 1980s sees familiar issues: “We were talking about diversification back in the 1980s. As soon as the auto industry started coming back we sort of forgot about that. I think what has changed is the world has changed… As the economy comes back, the places that prosper are going to be strong, innovative economies.”

Main will be moving home from Oklahoma City, where he recently retired from economic development group i2E, Inc.

  1. Main made his big name in Oklahoma as a general partner in Chisholm Capital Partners, beginning in 1999. Prior to that he held a senior position with the Michigan Department of Commerce.

       —John Dory    Feb. 15 '09 - 01:55AM    #