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Scio Trustees Challenged on Growth

25. October 2004 • Murph
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Democrats are challenging Scio Township’s traditionally Republican Board of Trustees on the form that growth in that township has taken over the last 10 years and on the Trustee’s failure to provide parkland or public transportation for the increased population:

From the Ann Arbor News, Scio Democrats challenge GOP Board of Trustees:

The Democrats’ many criticisms of the board include the Harvest Valley housing development proposed for south of Dexter; that the township has no “freestanding” wetlands ordinance; that it does not require developers to get drainage plans approved by the county drain commissioner; that it has not created any township-owned parks; and that it has not required developers to connect subdivisions by sidewalks or provide non-motorized transportation paths.

. . .

Democratic trustee candidate James L. Dries said he shares the agenda on open space with his Democratic colleagues. He criticized the board for what he said was not facing the consequences of development when it cut the township’s subsidy to AATA for service to the township.

”(Development) has its consequences,” Dries said.