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EQMC show- enter off Church Street

26. October 2004 • MarkDilley
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  1. I always forget about the Halfass. They need a website or something.

    I’m a bit worried the sheer number of events going on this Saturday will really dilute the crowds.
       —Brandon    Oct. 26 '04 - 05:52PM    #
  2. Good thing this is on Friday. :)
       —Scott T.    Oct. 26 '04 - 11:59PM    #
  3. Ooops. Well, actually this entire weekend Thur-Sat there seem to be numerous events I’d like to attend each night. Between Chomsky, local politics, live music, house parties, and The Bang! who knows where we’ll all end up.
       —Brandon    Oct. 27 '04 - 01:30AM    #