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26. October 2004 • MarkDilley
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With a whopping 1 in technologically savy Ann Arbor

This is a simple database for people operating or interested in operating wireless network nodes in Detroit/Ann Arbor

I am sure there are more, can we start adding them?

  1. There are plenty of “unofficial” open access points which, if not advertised for public use, is probably impolite to list “for” somebody. And there are the free coffee shop APs that I’m sure wouldn’t mind being listed (Rendevous, Espresso Royale, etc.)... I’d officially open mine up if I didn’t live in a 50’s era subdivision and if I actually knew any of my proximate neighbors (other than the old lady next door who is nice but doesn’t use a computer).
       —Scott T.    Oct. 26 '04 - 04:34PM    #
  2. The one at my co-op is “open”, but you’d have to come over and set your laptop up on our picnic table to use it; nothing else is in range.
       —Murph    Oct. 26 '04 - 04:59PM    #
  3. Mine was open until one of my neighbors thought that there was no harm in leaving P2P apps running night and day. If I have to choose between setting up traffic shaping or locking down my WAP…
       —George    Oct. 26 '04 - 11:35PM    #