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Site Library: Summary of Last Night's MSA-Sponsored Mayoral Debate

27. October 2004 • Brandon
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We’ve posted in the Site Library a summary of last night’s MSA-sponsored debate between Mayor John Hieftje and challenger Jane Lumm. Among the supposed revelations, Hieftje wants police to back-off students, Lumm has been accused of intimidating student voters in the past, and Hieftje enjoys couches on porches.

  1. I’d like to hear more about this voter intimidation allegation. If it is unproven, Lumm doesn’t deserve to have it hanging over her. If it is true, then it is deeply disturbing.
       —Matt    Oct. 27 '04 - 10:14PM    #
  2. That’s a decidedly pro-Hieftje summary there Brandon :)
       —paul    Oct. 28 '04 - 10:17AM    #
  3. Paul, in the interest of journalistic objectivism, I didn’t press the skepticism button when I typed that in.
       —Brandon    Oct. 28 '04 - 01:17PM    #
  4. Matt, the “voter intimidation” bit is being discussed over at Ann Arbor is Overrated; sounds to me like it’s a little blown out of proportion. Larry Kestenbaum (who notes that he wasn’t at the same precinct at the same time as Lumm) says over there,

    “My understanding is that the Republicans in 2002 sent poll challengers to the student precincts in the 2nd Ward with the idea of challenging the rights of students to vote.

    “The Democratic Party got some very alarmed phone calls from 2nd Ward student voters that day. However, when we sent people (myself included) out to the precincts to see what the Republicans were doing, we found them just standing around, looking concerned but doing nothing.”
       —Murph    Oct. 29 '04 - 01:00AM    #