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Political Event Bonanza

27. October 2004 • Scott Trudeau
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The Ann Arbor calendar is chock-full of political events tomorrow through Saturday. Here’s the rundown:

Update: Even more events!




  1. Hey, you missed my event tomorrow!

    Come join David Bonior (former Democratic Whip of the U.S. Congress) at a Political Rally sponsored by Kestenbaum for Clerk-Register. Thursday, October 28, 6-8:30 pm, at UAW Local 849, Ypsilanti (from the I-94 Huron Street/Ypsi interchange, north one block to traffic light at Harriet/Soring, east one block on Spring to the corner of Chidester).

    Musical entertainment, cider and donuts, donation requested.

    For more info, see
       —Larry Kestenbaum    Oct. 27 '04 - 08:34PM    #
  2. I have a feeling there’s gonna be some massive crowd dilution tomorrow…
       —Brandon    Oct. 27 '04 - 10:01PM    #
  3. Yeah, with today’s over-abundance of political events and Saturday’s overabundance of social events (a problem to which I personally have contributed), it’s going to be a long stretch to the election…
       —Scott T.    Oct. 28 '04 - 10:51AM    #
  4. Sorry, Larry. It’s up there now!
       —Scott T.    Oct. 28 '04 - 10:55AM    #
  5. Chomsky is speaking on Friday as well. 2pm MLB Aud 4.
       —Mark    Oct. 28 '04 - 12:47PM    #
  6. Mark—yeah, but it’s not a political talk: “Biolinguistics and Human Cognitive Capacities.” It’s a scientific talk. Chomsky keeps his linguistics and political lives separate, if only because he hasn’t really found a way to join them… And since the event isn’t a political one, it didn’t really fit the headline I was going for. =)
       —Scott T.    Oct. 28 '04 - 01:30PM    #