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28. October 2004 • MarkDilley
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Democracy For Sale?
by Erica Miller, President of Democracy Matters
(Democracy Matters is a non-partisan campaign finance reform group)

I vote. I vote because I know that a mere 18% of my peers ages 18 to 24 voted in 2000, a number that has decreased with each election. Is it any wonder that social security and prescription drugs are campaign rhetoric staples when seniors faithfully turnout to the polls every election? Starting with this election, we have the chance to be taken seriously as a generation. This election is about more than George W. Bush or John Kerry. It is not about being a Republican or a Democrat. It’s about a call for change.

Why Local Elections Matter
by Rob Haug, UM Student Greens

When initially posed with the question “Why are you voting?” my mind first moved towards the impending presidential elections. The presidency may be where the most attention has been placed and it may be the election that most people think of first when the question of voting arises. However, it is certainly not the only political race that we will be voting in come November 2nd. Election Day will see people across the country casting their votes for senators and representatives, mayors and council members, sheriffs and other local officials. With the vast number of elections that hang in the balance this fall, why is it that the only thing people seem to care about is the presidency? Maybe it’s because people don’t realize the impact that local politics have on their own lives or because people don’t realize the kind of influence they can have on local government.

Bush Deserves Four More Years
by Allison Jacobs, Chair, College Republicans

The media repeats over and over again how important the election of 2004 will be. Groups from the far left to the far right and anywhere in between are registering more voters than any past elections. More people are turning out for events, more youth become actively involved everyday, and more citizens have tuned in to the presidential debates. What makes this election so important? Why are the stakes so high? I am turning out to vote, and I hope that you plan to as well.

The Right Qualities of Leadership
by Ryan Werder

A New York Times Op-Ed on October 23 rd discussed why this presidential race remains so close. With so many changes since the last election, why is the nation as split as it was four years ago? The columnist, David Brooks, suggested that the mind of the nation is divided between choosing between two types of leaders. One option is a leader who has an unfailing desire to “stay the course.” The other option is a leader who sees nuances, weighs individual decisions, and deliberates on the consequences of his actions.

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