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Washtenaw Jewish News--False Witnesses

Posted by Patti Smith on 1. December 2009

This is one of the more interesting articles that I have read in awhile. I would also like to know what, if any, funding is flowing to these folks and from whom/where as well as an exploration of the other negative effects on our community. Otherwise, I thought it was a very well written article and thank WJN for publishing this! I am posting it here after hearing from the editor of WJN and because I would like to open up the dialogue. Of course, I am going to ask people to keep it civil. If this article makes you sit down and start typing not nice things, please just ask yourself why…why are you reacting this way? Can we discuss this civilly? Can your feelings be turned into positive action instead??

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Ann Arbor Cable Service

Posted by Bruce Fields on 25. July 2009

In response to MattH’s request, cable commissioner Jeff Meyers writes:

I’ve been pushing CTN to provide Google or YouTube videos of all council and commission meetings. Their response has been that there have been no requests for such an offering and so they are reluctant to allocate resources to do so. If you would like the option of accessing the city’s meetings via those video services I highly recommend sending letters and emails letting CTN know your desires.

and to Alan Goldsmith’s question: “any word on CTN working with AT&T Uverse to broadcast its programing? I still get to pay my local tax each month on my bill but CTN isn’t available”:

We have unsuccessfully tried to convince AT&T to assign the city its own channels and they refuse to do so.

What more could we be getting out of CTN and the local cable franchises?

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The News is dead, long live the News.

Posted by Murph on 25. July 2009 screenshot, day 2

As of yesterday, is live.

Several comment threads on the site allow for watching the site refine itself on the fly.

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All the News That's Fit to ...

Posted by Juliew on 13. July 2009

When the Ann Arbor News ceases publication on July 23, Ann Arbor is going to find itself without a local daily printed newspaper for the first time in at least a century. Love it or hate it (and there were plenty of people in both camps), the Ann Arbor News was the go-to local news and information source for most people in town. When you asked someone “did you see it in the paper last night?” everyone knew what you meant.

While would like to take over the mantle of default news provider, changing the name, firing almost all the employees, and moving to a primarily online vehicle has caused enough shakeup that they are going to have to earn this title. With the home delivery last week of the weekly Ann Arbor Journal, it is clear that news sources are scrambling to fill the void (and advertising dollars) that will be left by the demise of the Ann Arbor News. is focusing on their “24/7” web presence with the addition of Thursday and Sunday printed papers. The Ann Arbor Journal has a web site, as well as a fairly active Twitter account and a Facebook page, but will focus primarily on their weekly printed paper. The Ann Arbor Observer is a long-time, well-respected printed monthly known for their full-length articles that has recently revamped their website to provide more articles online. Interestingly, the Michigan Daily will be the only local daily paper come September, although they don’t publish on the weekends (and they are a weekly during the summer). The Ann Arbor Chronicle has garnered a lot of enthusiasm with their online daily news site. And of course, there are many other news and specialty blogs like ArborUpdate and MGoBlog and e-mail groups such as ArborParents.

In addition to the media scrum, we are left with several fundamental questions. What is a newspaper if there is no paper? If it is online, is it really more of a blog? How about if it accepts comments? What is news? The Ann Arbor Journal wrote about local events and people, which had some people saying “where’s the news?” Should a newspaper reflect a community (political endorsements?). What is a journalist? Someone with a degree in journalism? Someone with experience writing? Someone who is paid to write? What is a citizen journalist?

Maybe in the next few months, we will learn some of the answers. What do you think?

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Heritage Newspapers to Offer Ann Arbor Weekly

Posted by Chuck Warpehoski on 8. June 2009

Twitter broke the story, then the Business Review followed up.

What’s the news? “Heritage Newspapers, part of the Journal Register Co., will launch a new, weekly newspaper covering Ann Arbor July 9.”

It looks like somebody thinks there’s still money to be made in print journalism.

Comment [4] We're nuts for Ann Arbor; also, offices on Liberty

Posted by Matt Hampel on 3. June 2009

Two pieces of news from today.

The first is a logo announcement — here you go:
Acorn icon, wordmark

I wanted to write some witty description, but I can’t do better than the text already provided:

We’ve chosen an acorn as the icon of Oak trees are ubiquitous here in Ann Arbor. They permeate our landscape, our iconography and our history. The acorn icon symbolizes the best of that tradition while signaling a new beginning.

The acorn also signifies potential and change; will constantly grow …

… The logo was designed by New York-based SS+K …

The second piece of info is their new office location: Liberty at Fifth. It’s going to be open to the community, a welcome change from the current News Bunker on Division:

The first floor will have free wireless Internet access. We’ll have comfortable couches and chairs to foster a relaxed environment where local folks can gather to discuss news and events, or simply surf the Web. Additionally, there will be a conference room that local groups may reserve as scheduling permits. There will be ample outdoor gathering space, too.

Computer training classes will be offered, writes the Old News. Editorial & business staff will be on the seventh floor.

Until recently, that first floor was home to Primo Coffee and Microcoworking, which was abruptly shuttered this week. Coincidence?

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Ann Arbor News to Close in July

Posted by Juliew on 23. March 2009

The Ann Arbor News will close in July and will be replaced by a Web-based, media company called, Laurel Champion, publisher of The News, announced in a 9 a.m. meeting with staff.

More information on

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Arborweb gets a makeover

Posted by Nancy Shore on 31. December 2008

For those of you who like the print version of the Ann Arbor Observer but wished the articles were also online, wish no longer., the Observer’s online presence has recently been updated to include some of the articles in the current edition, a food blog by Bix Engels, the Ann Arbor Crime Map, and even an RSS Feed (scroll down to the bottom of the site to see a link to it).

Now it will be even easier for us at Arbor Update to reference an Observer article on this site. Good or bad? You decide.

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Ann Arbor News shrinking

Posted by Bruce Fields on 17. November 2008

Mary Morgan at the Chronicle reported last week that “Buyouts Hit The Ann Arbor News“:

This morning, management at The News and all seven other newspapers owned by the Newhouse family in Michigan announced a massive round of buyouts and plans to consolidate some operations in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

No longer breaking news (and probably not a great surprise), but worth a discussion thread.

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Fresher News: The Ann Arbor Chronicle

Posted by Matt Hampel on 4. September 2008

The Ann Arbor Chronicle, a new news site covering the Ann Arbor area, launched Tuesday. It’s already full of great information, including details from meetings (see coverage of a recent DDA session), a section for quick observations, called Stopped. Watched., and many other pieces. The site runs unobtrusive ads from local businesses.

The power behind the Chronicle comes from Mary Morgan and AU regular Homeless Dave, along with design and development work by Laura Fisher.

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