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Protests in Lansing this week

Posted by Josh Steichmann on 15. March 2011

Hey folks,

Don’t interpret this as a return for ArborUpdate (the once and future king of Ann Arbor), but I saw this press release sent to the group email, and wanted to post it up here:

Tuesday, March 15, protesters will begin to gather at Michigan’s Capitol in protest of Governor Rick Snyder’s Emergency Financial Manager Bill. This protest is to include a camp-in and is scheduled to run well into Wednesday. Those present are both native and non-native Michiganders who have come together through numerous Facebook groups. While spurred originally by the events in Wisconsin, it is our state’s own legislation that has resulted in this mass protest. It is the desire, the goal of many of these protesters to bring the fight in Wisconsin to our Capitol with similar numbers and just as much notice taken at local, state, and national levels. This is in response to the aforementioned bill stripping citizens of their rights, dissolving elected official, and eliminating union bargaining rights. This protest has nothing to do with political affiliation and all are welcome to join the protest.

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Transportation Town Hall Meeting May 11, 7pm, WCC

Posted by Nancy Shore on 12. May 2009

There is going to be a Town Hall Meeting tonight (May 11) at 7m at Washtenaw Community College to focus on transportation projects.

According to an email on the event:

Pam Byrnes will host a town hall meeting with U.S. Reps. John Dingell (D-Michigan) and Mark Schauer (D-Michigan) to provide an update on local, state and federal transportation projects aimed at improving roads in Washtenaw County. The town hall will take place on Monday, May 11, at 7 p.m. at the Washtenaw Community College Morris Lawrence Building, located at 4800 E. Huron River Drive in Ann Arbor.

In addition to the speakers above, Ron DeCook the Legislative Liaison for MDot will be talking about funding possibilities and Terri Blackmore of the Washtenaw Area Transportation Study will be discussion transportation needs in the county.

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Reverse trick-or-treat

Posted by Chuck Warpehoski on 31. October 2008

Trick-or-treaters giving out candy?

That’s right, the UM student group SOLE (Students Organizing for Labor and Economic Equality) is organizing a reverse trick-or-treat (link to Facebook event). Equal Exchange is sponsoring this event as a way to educate people about fair trade by giving them fair trade chocolate and information.

Suit Against Leopold Bros Building Owner

Posted by Chuck Warpehoski on 26. September 2008

The Ann Arbor Business Review reports that developer who bought the Leopold Brothers site is now being sued over three years of late payments at the 200 E. Washington building.

I guess that helps explain why the plans they put forward for a hotel at the Leopold site have been withdrawn.

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New downtown trashcans let you recycle bottles and cans

Posted by Nancy Shore on 19. June 2008

Last Friday (during Green Fair , of course). The City unveiled some new green trashcans downtown. I’ve seen one in the Kerrytown area and one on the corner of Liberty and Main Street.

These trash cans are special because they have two sections: one for trash and one for bottles and cans. This allows for more of those items to be recycled.

I couldn’t find out much more about these new “green” green trash cans, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more information surfaces shortly.

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Privatizing in the Schools, is it good for students? Teachers? Tax Payers?

Posted by Chuck Warpehoski on 26. April 2007

From the Ann Arbor News

[Ann Arbor Superintendent] Roberts also wants to privatize the district’s food service, a move that would cost 73 workers their jobs with the district. Privatizing food service operations would bring $400,000 in new revenue into the district, according to Roberts’ proposal.

In addition, the district hopes to save $200,000 as part of a proposed countywide plan to privatize substitute teacher services.

I’m ambivalent about privatization. On the one hand, it can help an organization focus on its core mission. On the other hand, it can be a way to short-change workers. What do you think this proposal will mean for the district’s students, employees, and tax payers?

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U of M students occupy Coleman's office to protest sweatshop labor

Posted by Chuck Warpehoski on 2. April 2007

We’ve just gotten word about a sit-in at the University of Michigan. Here’s the announcement:

At this very moment, students have taken over Mary Sue Coleman’s office, demanding that U – M cease the use of sweatshop labor. They will not leave until the president agrees to adopt the Designated Suppliers Program, a plan which would allow the University to go sweat-free while continuing to be a top manufacturer of college apparel.

Come show your support of these 11 students, who are risking arrest to help make this a sweat-free campus. There will be a RALLY at NOON at the CUBE calling for an end to U – M sweatshops.

If you want to help out right now, you can call the President’s office and ask that she adopt the DSP. The number to call is (734)764-6270. Call once, call twice, call 50 times! For more information, go to

See you at the cube at noon!


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U of M temp workers organizing

Posted by MarkDilley on 12. March 2007

Announced today is the effort by temporary workers in the School of Business to gain improvements in their working conditions.

The efforts will greatly benifit from solidarity from the community. Please consider lending a hand to the DIY union drive.

...present demands calling for health care access, wage improvements, full-time work status, and an electable/recallable manager, among other job-site improvements. This move brings to fruition a months-long, under-the-radar campaign being carried out by University of Michigan employees and the IWW to organize temporary workers and the unrepresented at the University of Michigan

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Big George's - ''Local Jobs for Local People?''

Posted by MarkDilley on 2. November 2006

There was a Picket Line this morning at the Big George’s appliance store expansion construction. They had signs that said “Local Jobs for Local People”, but I don’t really know what the details are. It would be interesting to know if other readers knew more about it.

Steve sent this in via email, does anyone know what this is about?

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We're on STRIKE

Posted by Josh Steichmann on 12. September 2006

EMU Faculty voted to strike last week, after the administration walked away from the bargaining table.

EMU faculty are seeking pay raises to keep up (at least) with inflation, an explicit dedication to faculty teaching classes, and renegotiations on health care.

Union website lives here

Eastern Echo special coverage

(And I wrote a pro-strike editorial for the Echo board that you can find if you poke around a little bit).

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